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This business started out in the Los Angeles area of California and existed there about 16 years. In June of 2013, it was moved to the Sioux Falls area of South Dakota, where it presently is.

We make and sell luxurious, high-quality minky spa wear. We are especially know for the luxurious spa wraps. These are used in health spas around the country, as a wrap while working on clients. Their clients often love them so much that they buy them for home use. They are especially wonderful to wear when getting out of the shower or just for lounging around the home. Many people use them for beach coverups. Often brides buy them as bridal gifts for their bridesmaids. We  make them in a standard size, but can also custom make them as requested. We can also make them in matching colors, such as for  mothers and daughters.

We also make  minky material bathrobes, in various sizes. This is the ultimate to wear around the home or spa.

Another request is for minky blankets and throws, and we offer those in various sizes. We do custom requests for these, in the same colors and materials that we use for spa wraps and robes. We emphasize this gorgeous and wonderful minky for most of our products.


Another of our specialties is heat and cold packs. We add natural herbs and grains to these, to complement the spa experience at home. These can be heated in the microwave to use as a heat pack and put into the freezer to use as a cold pack. The herbs add a wonderful scent, or they can be ordered without scent.

Then we make neck pillows, filled with buckwheat and herbs. Again, these can be without herbs for those who prefer that.


SpaLaLa designs, manufactures, wholesales and retails the most luxurious minky spa wear products available on the market. We pride ourselves on manufacturing our designs in the USA, in turn producing the highest quality standard. Catering to both wholesale and retail clients, our goal is to allow all consumers to enjoy the SpaLaLa Collection experience.

Our extensive product line includes healing and aromatic heat and cold packs for all areas of the body, luxurious bathrobes, comfortable and cute spa wraps, lush blankets and more!

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 luxurious minky spa wraps, robes, heat and cold packs, blankets